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A Business in China Directory

- for Company in China and Chinese Manufacturers

directory.sanqi-international.com is a business in China directory for company in China and Chinese manufacturers. It provides a list of different manufacturing industries in China. Each Chinese manufacturer, company, and factory has one page in this Chinese business directory and lists the phone number, address, and websites of the Chinese manufacturers, a link to show companies' locations on the map, short descriptions of what business the manufacturer or company practices. directory.sanqi-international.com is the best place for you to find products made in China or to conduct China trades.

Global Sourcing

The global sourcing section is new section that lists companies from other countries.

cement manufacturers in china (5/- )

china chemical manufacturers (4/- )

dvd electronic manufacturers in china (2/- )

furniture manufacturing company (6/- )

glass manufacturers in china (4/- )

label manufacturers (-/- )

leather manufacturers in china (3/- )

lighting manufacturing China company (2/- )

machinery manufacturers in China (4/- )

metal manufacturer in China (5/- )

packaging manufacturers in China (2/- )

paper manufacturers in China (3/- )

pharmaceutical manufacturers in China (-/- )

plastic manufacturers in China (3/- )

rubber manufacturers in China (3/- )

toy manufacturers in China (-/- )

others (45/- )

united states (45/2 )

businesses in united states, choice hotel in usa

pakistan (1/1 )

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